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Tether can cut the cost of day to day
safety administration by up to 90%
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What is Tether?

Tether is an online safety management software tool built by safety professionals for ease of use by front line safety personnel. It is simple to use, easy to adopt and works on desktops, laptops and all mobile devices. Never get caught unprepared - Tether is your 24/7 lifeline to training reports, compliance reports and asset management.

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Up to the minute reports give you a wide and informative view of the effectiveness of your safety program

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Tether Safety, proud partner with:

"Bottom line for McCarthy’s is that we are spending significantly less time each day on routine duties because of the Tether system. Further, we can respond much quicker and more accurately to inquiries from General Contractors, WCB, Dept of Labour and others."

Michael Pollard
McCarthy's Roofing Limited