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"Bottom line for McCarthy’s is that we are spending significantly less time each day on routine duties because of the Tether system. Further, we can respond much quicker and more accurately to inquiries from General Contractors, WCB, Dept of Labour and others."

Michael Pollard
McCarthy's Roofing Limited

"The Tether Dashboard has helped us restructure our Safety Department by allowing us to create new systems and internal processes that are easy for our employees to use and also allow us to collect and store all of our safety records in one place."

Brianne Bampton
VistaCare Communications

"Using Tether we were able to reduce costs associated with safety administration while improving safety standards and transparency. Having organized files and easily accessible information available makes auditing so much simpler and satisfying for the auditors, no scrambling for documentation."

Peter Hollett
Halifax Harbour Bridges

"I was somewhat nervous about adopting Tether into our company at first due to the fact that I was not very good with computers, however it was effortless and very easy to understand, now I am a pro! I would highly recommend this software to any company including our competition, it will save you time and money."

Tina Bryan
Pace Construction Services

"Your product has supercharged our safety management plan. This system provides all of our employees, contractors and customers with up to the minute safety data to help them make informed decisions right on the job sites, which at the end of the day, saves us time and money!"

Brendan Wilton
MBA Landscaping